Where horses used to rest, Teslas are now parked.

In 1907, great-grandfather Fritz Grotkopp built the house in a lonely field. All around there was nothing but fields, woods and meadows. By the way, the building was never a forester's lodge, but old Fritz was a forester by profession for a long time - and with heart and soul. And this is reflected in a charming way in the building until today.

In the days of the Old Salt Road, when white gold was transported on horse-drawn carts between the Hanseatic City of Lübeck and the Duchy of Lauenburg, Fritz Grotkopp built a hitching station for horse-drawn carts. Here the animals could regain their strength with oats and water, and now comes the highlight: the coachmen and their passengers were also served meals and found shelter in one of the eleven small guest rooms that were built under the roof. At that time, by the way, there was neither a bathroom nor a toilet. Instead, a petrol pump was erected to supply the first cars with fuel.

Little by little, the area around the forester's lodge became more and more populated and the border to Lübeck came closer and closer. In 1979, today's hotel annexe with 19 comfortable rooms was finally built.

Where once horse-drawn carts and later the first motor vehicles stood in front of the door, today the first electric cars are charged at the hotel’s own wallbox as a matter of course. The story of the forester's lodge is far from over.


Forsthaus St. Hubertus

St. Hubertus 1
23627 Lübeck / Groß Grönau

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Marc und Bianca Grotkopp